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The EMR system section of the eHealth Observatory Web page is used to describe various means of capturing and defining EMR system functionality for use in studies that involve such systems.

To understand the scope of a study, one must first understand the scope of the system under investigation.  The primary means of defining a system’s functionality is through system vendor interviews.  In some cases, however, this information can be attained through publicly available sources (such as the system vendor’s Web site).  If the system’s scope cannot be accurately defined from a readily available source, the system vendors are to be interviewed in the early stages of a study, so that the scope of the system can be appropriately mapped for the rest of the study (i.e. what system features will/will not be examined in the study).

The vendor interview script provided was designed specifically to capture the features of an ePrescribe system.  New interview scripts would have to be written to capture the features of interest for the specific type of system.

Once the core capabilities of the vendor EMR are understood, a data quality assessment can be used to help understand the quality of the data being entered into the EMR, and how this quality might impact its overall utility. The data quality queries described in the guide help to shed light on the completeness, consistency, accuracy, timeliness, reliability and granularity of EMR data.


The material in this section is still under development.  We will be testing and evaluating the methods defined in this section throughout the course of this year.  Please stay posted to this site for important content updates.