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Impact Assessment

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User Assessment: The script provides a set of mainly open-ended questions to gather user opinions and feedback EMR deployment so far. Questions address system quality, information quality, service quality, and user satisfaction.

Change Management Assessment: The script is designed to be used in an interview to collect feedback on the process of planning and implementation. A set of 23 statements are presented, based on 23 risk factors for influencing the success of clinical information system projects identified by Pare et al.[1] and users are prompted to indicate agreement. Such an interview is to be conducted shortly (1-6 months) after the new system has been deployed in order to keep the old system and the deployment process fresh in the clients’ memory. 


The material in this section is still under development.  We will be testing and evaluating the methods defined in this section throughout the course of this year.  Please stay posted to this site for important content updates.

[1] Pare, G., Sicotte, C., Jaana, M., & Girouard, D. (2008). Prioritizing clinical information system project risk factors: a Delphi study. Proceedings 21st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii.