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eHealth Value Framework for Clinical Adoption and Meaningful Use

This framework was developed to conceptualize how the value of eHealth is influenced by investments, dynamic interactions among contextual factors for adoption, and the lag times for adoption and impact. The framework draws upon several established models including the Infoway Benefits Evaluation Framework[1], Clinical Adoption Framework[2], Clinical Adoption Meta Model[3], COACH EMR Adoption and Maturity Model[4], HIMSS EMR Adoption Model[5], Meaningful Use Criteria[6], and IS Business Value Model[7].


simple investment adoption value

Figure 1: Simplified eHealth Value Framework Diagram

At the core of this framework are five components:

  • Investment Dimension
  • Adoption Dimension
  • Value Dimension
  • Adoption Lag Time: the time to adopt a system which includes planning, developing/configuring, implementing, training, etc.
  • Impact Lag Time: the time it takes for the system to become part of the workflow, after which impacts begin to be seen

Click on each of the dimensions in Figure 1 for more details.

The complete framework:


Figure 2: eHealth Value Framework Diagram (click to enlarge)



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