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Evaluation of medication reconciliation

Consolidate Existing Evidence Base

To advance HIS knowledge, the eHealth Observatory will consolidate existing evidence of HIS knowledge with relevant published literature. For example, we have updated our collection to 60+ systematic reviews appraising 2,000+ studies on HIS adoption/use and impact. A completed meta-synthesis of these systematic reviews provide a corpus of high quality conceptual HIS models, evaluation methods, measurement metrics and findings that contributes to the evidence base for our HIS evaluation methodology toolkit. Other completed reviews address the impacts of EMRs and examine the use of IT in medication reconciliation. See links to the left for descriptions of our reviews.

Other Examples

We also provide a few examples of reviews done by others in the field which demonstrate different approaches taken.

Review Guidance

For those new to systematic reviews, we have a section on guidance and resources for conducting systematics reviews, based on the methods used in our own reviews.