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As clinicians migrate to using electronic medical records (EMRs), one of the key workflow changes they will encounter will be the use of the computer in prescribing.  This is otherwise known as electronic prescribing, or ePrescribing for short.  The transition to ePrescribing is not a single-step process.  There are levels of implementation ranging from baseline paper-based prescribing, all the way to advanced ePrescribing systems that include features only dreamed of today. 

The eHealth Observatory has defined six stages of prescribing workflow, ranging from level 0 (paper-based prescribing), up to level 5 (advanced ePrescribing including integration of an EMR with external resources). The analysis tools are designed to help determine the current stage of ePrescribing for various activities in the workflow, which is described in the handbook.


The material in this section is still under development.  We will be testing and evaluating the methods defined in this section throughout the course of this year.  Please stay posted to this site for important content updates.